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Links 12/15/16

2016 Election:

  • Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump Won Because People are Tired of the Same Old Politically Correct Rhetoric Sander’s definition of politically correct rhetoric in this case is definitely different than the most common usage of the term (which is more specifically about language that avoids putting marginalized groups at a disadvantage.) If he wants to contribute to changing that term, great. I’d rather that term evolve into a pejorative to describe inauthentic, poll-tested talking points than be a pejorative for language that avoids further marginalizing the less powerful.However, it would really be more accurate to say that many voters, rightly or wrongly, viewed Trump as more “authentic” and that contributed to his win.

    What is traditionally considered PC rhetoric is fine with the American people if they think someone actually means what they’re saying. Sanders is a prime example. He is much more popular than the politically incorrect Trump, yet Sanders’ statements about minority groups and women could be considered very politically correct.

    In my opinion, Trump won for three primary reasons: his ability to resonate with Rust Belt voters on the economy, James Comey’s violation of the Hatch Act, and failures on the part of the Clinton campaign. You could also throw in the fact that Trump’s more charismatic than Clinton, although he’s considered extremely unlikeable by the majority of the American public.


Minimum Wage:

Wealth Inequality:

  • Black Wealth in the Age of Trump Lots of interesting perspectives. Race played a role in this election, but I don’t think identity politics gave Trump his win. He eked out those electoral college victories in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by turning voters who had voted for Obama in the previous election.

The Forgotten Rural Poor:

The Failure of the Democratic Party to Speak for the Working and Middle Classes:

White Collar Crime:

Unjustified Executive Compensation:

  • Obscene Pay Inequality Bad for Workers and Economy “Obscene CEO pay has been a major part of the story. In the 1960s, the typical CEO of a big corporation made 20 times what the average worker made. Now, it’s hundreds of times… The tax code is often used to encourage behavior we want to see….If shareholders realize that inequitable pay scales are reducing their after-tax profits, they will pay their CEO’s less and their regular workers a little more.” Good luck!

Links 12/3/16

Poverty is Not Only an Ignored Word Depending on the study, at least 40 million Americans are living in poverty. No wonder so many voted for a change.

Poverty Doesn’t Need Technology. It Needs Politics. “Fighting poverty- and making our nation more economically fair- is not a mystifying riddle waiting for a technological breakthrough. It is a question of political will. If we want to push more wealth down the economic chain, we will.”

The Stunning Effect Social Security Has Had on U.S. Elderly Poverty Rates in 1 Chart “The findings showed that Social Security benefits have kept nearly 22.1 million Americans out of poverty.”

Jury Awards California Truckers 54 Million in Walmart Wage Suit  Another day, another example of Walmart violating labor laws.

Day Laborers Can Fight Wage Theft with This New Organizing App

A Grocer Raised Its Prices So It Could Increase Workers’ Wages. Are Customers Willing to Pay? As the owner says, it will “make [the store] have a hard couple of months as we adjust.” In the meantime, it’s giving workers peace of mind as they stop falling behind on bills. It’s also great for the store’s image and relationship with the community.

Jobs Report:
What ‘Are So Many of Them Doing?’ 95 Million Americans Not in the Laborforce This is a historic high. But when you factor in retirees, high school children, and adults in college, the number is significantly smaller.

Quality of Life:
Judge Denies Michigan Request for Stay Over Flint Water

Trump’s Treasury Pick Describes a Very Different Tax Plan Than His Boss Campaigned On If it means less inequality, fine. That’s what many of his supporters wanted.

Democratic Socialism:
Hope in a Dark Era: Thousands Turn to Democratic Socialism

America First?
Battles to End Poverty, Inequality Will Falter in Trump Era, Experts Predict The United States needs to devote more of its resources to improving the lives of U.S. citizens, at least 46 million of whom, are living in poverty. If this temporarily means decreased foreign aid, fine.

Trump’s Promises to America’s Workers:
Is Trump’s Idea to Fix the “Rigged System” by Appointing Crooks Who Played It?

Links 11/30/16

Good morning! We’ve decided to make “links” a daily feature.

The mainstream media has largely abdicated its duty to focus on news that really matters to the American people. During the presidential campaign, they devoted a remarkably small amount of time to the issues. Instead, we received wall to wall coverage on emails and tweets.

There’s a market for substance. Just ask Bernie Sanders, who packed large venues while speaking nothing but policy.

Each day, we will highlight stories about the quality of life in the Great Recession. Soon, we will also start including interviews with middle class and working class Americans about their experiences.

Worker’s Jobs and Wages:


White Collar Crime and Plutocracy:

Health Care:

  • What Obamacare-Hating Tom Price’s Appointment Will Mean for Health Care  Twenty million people gained coverage because of the Affordable Care Act. That includes people with preexisting conditions who couldn’t get coverage before. Trump is too smart to not anticipate the uprising that will occur if they don’t get a sufficient replacement. I will say this about Price: He’s one of the few politicians who talks about repealing Obamacare but also has real replacement plans.
  • Women Could Pay More Than Men for Health Care Under Trump The majority of the country will be extremely angry if they get fleeced under Trump’s health care. Women are aware that health care companies have been charging them too much. There’s no justification for the fact that “60 percent of best-selling individual plans in 2009 charged a 40-year-old nonsmoking woman more than a 40-year-old man who smoked, even in plans that didn’t include any type of maternity coverage.”
  • Trump Pledged to Protect Medicare. His Choice for Health Secretary Has Other Ideas. I understand why people are nervous about Prince. However, his appointment does not mean Trump won’t necessarily keep his promise.

Income Inequality:

The Populist Revolution:

Enjoy! Feel free to point me towards other great articles.