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Links 12/20/16

The Rigged System for the 1%:

Infrastructure Jobs:


Social Security:

Trump explicitly said that he would not cut Social Security benefits if elected. “I’m not going to cut it, and I’m not going to raise ages, and I’m not going to do all of the things that they want to do. But they want to really cut it, and they want to cut it very substantially, the Republicans, and I’m not going to do that,” he told a Wisconsin radio station during the primary.


Overtime Pay:




2016 Election:

Just three counties – Macomb County, MI; York County, PA and Waukesha County, WI – elected Donald Trump. If those three counties had cast zero votes, Trump would have lost all three states and the election. By the same logic, just three counties re-elected President Obama in 2012: Miami-Dade County, FL; Cuyahoga County, OH and Philadelphia, PA.

White Collar Crimes:


Trump’s $500 Billion Infrastructure Plan Should Focus on Improving America’s Internet Infrastructure

Trump wants to spend at least $500 billion in new infrastructure. According to the president elect, low interest rates make this the perfect time to borrow long term.

The ability of infrastructure spending to create jobs and improve the economy is controversial. Critics of infrastructure spending claim it doesn’t increase jobs. Proponents claim that every $1 of infrastructure spending boosts the economy by $2.00. They make the case that previous slowdowns in infrastructure spending can be linked to decreases in productivity.

Internet infrastructure is one of the only areas where I’m convinced the spending would definitely be worth it. The vast majority of U.S. businesses use these services in their day to day operations. You’d definitely see an increase in productivity.

Although the U.S. invented the internet, it’s lagging behind in speed. There’s no reason we can’t become the world leader, or as one might say “make America great again!”


Links 11/27/16

Each Sunday, we’ll compile reading on the quality of life during America’s Great Recession. This might become a daily feature.

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