Links 12/10/16

Economic Mobility:

  • The Next Generation of Americans is Going to be in a Lot of Trouble “Children’s prospects of achieving the ‘American Dream’ of earning more than their parents have fallen from 90 percent to 50 percent over the past half century,” said Stanford economist Raj Chetty, co-author of the [Equality of Opportunity Project] study. “This decline has occurred throughout the parental income distribution, for children from both low and high income families.” But there’s hope:

“The fading of the American Dream is not immutable,” the [Equality of Opportunity Project] concludes. “There are cities throughout America — such as Salt Lake City and Minneapolis — where children’s chances of moving up out of poverty remain high. Cities with high levels of upward mobility tend to have five characteristics: lower levels of residential segregation, a larger middle class, stronger families, greater social capital, and higher quality public schools.

Income Inequality:

Unjustified CEO Compensation:




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