Links 12/7/16



White Collar Crime:

Unjustified CEO Compensation:

Offshoring Jobs:


  • Desperately Searching for a New Strategy Tim Duy’s Fed Watch. There are a lot of interesting points in this article, but I could not disagree more strongly with the following: “Just pretending to care is important. At a minimum, the electoral college makes it important.” The Democrats pretended to care about inequality, but they delivered very little. That’s why they lost. If Trump doesn’t deliver, he’ll lose also.


  • Trump Assembles a Strategic and Policy Forum to Better Hear the 1% Fabius Maximus. This forum includes some of the most successful business people in the country. These people know how to create jobs. They didn’t care about it in the past because it was never in their economic interest. Let’s see if Trump can force real ideas out of them.


  • An Econ Theory, Falsified Noahpinion: Interesting perspectives on the impact of immigration and minimum wage raises on jobs

The Ignored Voices of the American People:

Populist Revolution:

Health Care:

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